Women aren't fussy, picky or indecisive, you typically just don't listen.

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  • Wine and Chocolate Gift Set (a good wine cellar can help you choose which wines go best with the chocolates you pick out)
  • Olive Oil Sampler (there are plenty to choose from at the olive oil store in Old Town Fort Collins
  • A Birchbox Subscription
  • IPad 3
  • A Scarf, Cashmere or something that extenuates her personality
  • Something engraved, a bracelet, necklace, etc.... (either her name, you plus her or something that means something to both of you)
  • A nice PJ set, not sexy, let her know that she is sexy no matter what, you want her cute and comfy (even if you don't really) she will love it
  • A bath caddy with a book that she may like, a fancy soap ( I love Eucalyptus/Fresh Mint-it's a blend I get in the organics isle at my grocery store) Maybe a favorite bottle of wine or tea
  • A Himalayan Ionic Crystal Salt Lamp (some claim that there are extraordinary benefits from Salt lamps, especially good for bronchial and sinus conditions)

I'm sure she'[ll love everything you get her as long as you don't team up a vacuum with a kitchen item and a new push broom.

Happy Holidays!!!!