Berthoud police need your help in finding this guy. It's a sketch of the suspect in the attack of a 15-year-old girl in Berthoud last week.  Police also  released the sketch of the Neo-Nazi tattoo on his arm. The tattoo is described as an 'SS' symbol with the number 11 between the two 'S' s.

According to a story from 7News in Denver:

A Berthoud High School junior, a 15-year-old student from Germany, said she was walking through Ellen Bunyan Bein Park, next to the school, on Thursday night after a track meet when four white men blocked her path and made "racial statements." She told police the four men told her they were looking for a minority and that she would do. The men then told her to bow to them and slashed her forehead with a knife before she was able to get away.

Anyone who knows or sees the man police are searching for or the other men who may be involved, call the Berthoud Police Department at (970) 532-2611 and ask to contact Officer J. Yachik or contact Crime Stoppers.