Back to schools means so much... a clean house, peace and quite and expenses. Before it all bites your budget here's some tips, tricks and hacks.

Back to School TSM


  • Some stores are offering discounts through the end of the month and into the first week of next month. Lots of deals online, like Kohls, get an extra 15% off and free shipping with orders of $75 or more (that's easy enough to do)
  • Don't think that you have to get everything today. Once your student is settled in, they will know better what they'll need and when it comes to clothes, their summer clothes will work for at least a month
  • There's a great website that bundles most, if not what you'll need at a reduced cost. Remember, they don't have to have everything the first day and many teachers have extra supplies for kids that don't have something that is needed
  • Talk about "can I get one of these for my life" there is an app that will do the 'leg' work and find the lowest price on your school supplies. Just scan the item, it will even tell you where it is cheaper, even if that's online
  • We hear it all of the time, but hey, if it works don't fix it.. stock up when you see huge sales, right after the start of the school year and randomly throughout the year (yes, like you always promise yourself you'll do for Christmas next year)
  • The shoes they had to have are feeling tight now that you have them at home, she's worn them outside and school is in session? Try this hack, put thick socks on her, stuff her foot (gently in the shoe, don't force it) and take the blow dryer to the shoe, this hack works at breaking in the shoe
  • Need to keep their lunch cold buy have spent more money than you can count on ice packs that don't make it home? Get some sponges from the $ store and freeze them, they make perfect 'ice packs' for the kiddos lunches.

Have fun and stop sweating it... you got this!