Bears falling out of trees have made the news a lot lately. A couple weeks ago a bear fell out of a tree on the CU campus and the photo went viral. This week a bear climbed a tree in Steamboat Springs and couldn't get down, so he was "helped" down by wildlife officials. I found some photos and videos of bears falling from trees and even a power line.

Steamboat Springs Police Department and Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife officers responded to an unusual call Wednesday when a black bear did not fall from a tree after it was tranquilized. All he needed was a little push.

This guy tried to jump down onto a trampoline. The video shows what happens next.  Thanks to YouTube for the video.

Some guys was at the San Francisco Zoo back in 2005 when he captured a polar bear falling from a tree.  The picture comes from YouTube.




This poor little guy had no idea what he was in for when he climbed a power pole.  This YouTube video says it all: