It's true, it's be kind to spider week. So what does that mean, step on them quickly? :P

I guess if we can have National Cheesecake day (July 30) and a week set aside to bubble blowing (March 20-26) its perfectly acceptable to have a spider week, right?

The week of the spider... spiders are good for what? They are sneaky, they come close to frightening me, they get into my packed boxes and leave behind rollie pollies. If I see one in the shower I get out and let him/her bathe and I don't tear down the cobwebs outside on the porch, what more can I do for you spider during your week?

I wanted to do the most I could to understand why we have a week for the spider so I started searching the web to find a few reasons:

  • Spiders help control the over populations of other pest's such as aphids, mosquitoes and cockroaches.
  • Having spiders in the home eliminates the need to buy pesticides (yes that was listed as a benefit)
  • The venom of some spiders is currently being studied by scientists for potential to relieve arthritis.
  • In Cambodia fried spiders are a delicacy
  • The ingestion of spiders is believed to bring good luck in Thailand and South America
  • Spiders significantly prevent the onset of some diseases by eliminating or reducing the populations of other disease carrying pests

Well now, since you put it that way... I'll set another place at the table this week for our 8 legged friends. (call the authorities if you don't hear from me for a couple of days-tell them to check the basement, our primary spider hangout at the house)