So I have two confessions to make. First, I am addicted to the music of Dierks Bentley, especially the last all bluegrass inspired album called "Up On The Ridge" that he put out. And yes, OK, so I have to admit it, I'm addicted to Facebook along with billions of others. I check my page three or four times a day and usually have withdraws if I don't! Along with all of my close friends, one of my favorite people to "stalk" on Facebook is Dierks Bentley, who by the way is coming into town tonight! I not only like watching his Facebook because he is in my top two or three favorite artists right now, but beacsue he runs his own page and really puts his own personality into his posts! Right now he is busy promoting a new single and the upcoming record to go along with it, but his past posts give you insight on the fun he has on the road. Like his last tour with Eric Church; "FUN show...great hang after...walk on bus and see this commercial. we all puked and bus now smells terrible. not cool." Stuff like that makes me like an artist even more, the willingness to let the fans in on their personnal experiences. With the popularity of Twitter on the rise, Dierks also has a lot of fun there. Be sure to check that out too! Follow this link to become friends with Dierks, and you can thank me later! Or better yet, be my friend too, and we will call it even! Enjoy, and if you are one of the lucky ones who get to see Dierks live tonight have a blast!