A kid and their action figures are hard to separate. My grandson Zander loves his action figures. They go with him everywhere he goes. You will nearly always find him clutching Superman, Spiderman or Batman.

I had Zander help me in the yard the other day with some weed pulling and sure enough, Superman was hanging around to give us a hand.

Brian Gary, TSM

Zander had a date with his mom on Saturday for her birthday. They went to Olive Garden for lunch and Batman tagged along as a third wheel. He loves that Batman. He took him with us this weekend to the Weld County Fair and then to the Greeley Arts Picnic. That is where the trouble occurred. Somewhere around the park while we were playing and eating sno cones, Batman disappeared. We got home and he was just heartbroken that Batman did not make it home with us. I told him there may have been some kind of crime he needed to stay behind and solve but that didn't make his absence any easier for him to accept. If you were at the Arts Picnic on Sunday and found Batman please let him come home to his Batcave. There is a little boy who is missing him big time. I guess I can go the store and find a replacement and hope he doesn't notice the difference. Batman is about 6 inches tall with a black tights and a black cape. He is armed so be careful if you approach him. Let him know you come in peace and he will be cool with you. Let the manhunt begin.