The Good Morning Guys are powered by bacon. If you have listened to us for any amount of time you know of our fondness for those tasty strips of pork goodness. We have been given bacon air fresheners, bacon candy, bacon taffy, bacon band aids, bacon popcorn, bacon infused hot chocolate, bacon lights and now...bacon soda.

Brian Gary, TSM

Our friend Drew from Star Painter Productions gave us a bottle of this bizarre concoction. We decided that we must give it a try...OMG!!! It tasted like a sweaty barn. I have not tasted a lot of sweaty barns but I think this may be the flavor. I will continue my love of bacon but will only enjoy in it's solid form. Although I am open to a bacon breath spray. Bacon..for the man who has everything.

Here is what it sounded like when we tried the bacon soda on the air:

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