Between crying, laughing out loud and being generally entertained with social media today, you may have witnessed a bacon murder, please send suggested punishment.

Bacon Mary Facebook

Because there is almost 100% certainty that this is a crime in at least ONE state, the real identity of the assailant will be kept from public record.

It is completely out of the realm of thought that this tragic event could happen at all, but to have them post this on Facebook for all the world to see, well, they are just begging for condemnation. Honestly, if this were to ever happen to you, would you advertise your crime so blatantly?

This person clearly feels a mortifying guilt and wants to be held accountable for their crime. As a community, a country, we must come up with a suitable punishment.

Please use the comment section below or our Facebook page and offer your most suitable punishment.

INSIDE INFO: the defense being offered is that the bacon contained maple syrup, yes, it was maple bacon, although the evidence left behind, doesn't clearly support this line of defense.