The Oscar Mayer Facebook page unleashed something new this week...bacon hot dogs. You read that right bacon hot dogs.

I'm guessing you're either nauseous right now, or your salivating and wondering where you can try one. (I'm the latter of those two choices...)

In my humble opinion, bacon really does make everything better. Maybe not better for you, but better tasting anyways. Now, I'm not a big hot dog guy (Wow, that doesn't sound right...), but a a hot dog with bacon cooked in it? Sign me up.

According to Yahoo Shine the bacon dogs should be hitting stores now and be stocked in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Now, before you get too excited, the dogs aren't 100% bacon. According to AdAge, "Bacon is just one of the ingredients. Pieces of it are mixed in with turkey, chicken and other pork products." Other pork products? Hmm...oh well.

If they're as good as they sound, I have a feeling I'd better start making apologies to my waistline right now...

What's the strangest bacon-inspired food or product you've ever seen?