Think Colorado is high on the list of spending per student? These figures on where Colorado falls in the U.S for spending per student might make you mad.

Spending per Student TSM


  • New York: $21,168
  • Vermont: $19,251
  • New Jersey: $19,023
  • Wyoming: $18,671
  • Connecticut: $17,918
  • Alaska: $17,848
  • Pennsylvania: $16,776
  • Massachusetts: $16,128
  • Rhode Island: $15,993
  • Maryland: $15,775

So where exactly does Colorado fall on the grand scale of money spent per student, glad you asked. Colorado spends $10,462 per student. Utah and Idaho wrap up the bottom with spending $7,388 and $7,802 respectively.

Does spending per student make a difference in the education offered? Yes and no, in some of the states that scored high on the standards test of schools, it was recorded that they had lower student achievement. But,overall, in the states that spend the most money per student they typically do see higher scores in general education.