Who hasn't thunk it? One thing we are raised knowing is how to not spread germs so what better way than to blow out birthday candles and share the joy.  Australia today announced they now have a solution for this rampant problem.

Well, Australia has made a ground breaking scientific breakthrough by putting that two and two together and have banned all birthday celebrations at their public schools.

OK, it's not that drastic.  But the country's National Health and Medical Research Council did in fact say that their kids are no longer allowed to blow out birthday candles on cakes. Seriously though, who still takes cakes to school?  Most school won't let you do the candle thing anyway.

I thought the new trend was cupcakes or things along those lines that have no candles.  Shoot, I have been doing cupcakes for school since the late 90's for all my kids.

Aussie parents though are throwing a fit over the sticky ordeal saying,

The new rules are so nit-picky that they take all the fun out of being a kid. I think that we are protecting our kids too much. Let the kids be kids, get some germs, build up the immunity, and get on with it. How about the politicians focus on getting other things right. 

Another parent had this to say, 

This rubbish has got to stop. Kids need to be subjected to these things to build a healthy immune system. These so called experts who seem to know more about health than doctors, won't be happy until kids are kept in a sterile environment, which will then put the child at risk every time it leaves the house