I wrote a story back in March  (Read the story here) about Mississippi allowing public prayer back into their schools. The story did OK as far as the "numbers" go but it went viral this week after a blogger got a hold of it and ripped it to shreds.

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

So as the story goes, my original story back in March was seen by an atheist blogger by the name of PZ Myers. I had actually forgotten all about the story and then a couple days ago all our monitors went off sending up flags as the digital numbers started to scream in.

Seems like his plan backfired. The story went viral and at the time of this post on Thursday the 25th of July, the story has been seen by about 175,000 people and almost 35,000 people have voted on the poll in favor or my original story. In fact, not only have all 50 states voted but also votes from 98 countries across the world and there are over 282,000 likes on the original story with almost 1400 comments. The poll is still showing action of 100-150 votes an hour. (Tuesday the poll had 25,000 votes) So, if you haven't voted please do so. You are also more than welcome and encouraged to read his blog and leave your own comment.

In closing, I find it funny he thought I was from Mississippi. How smart do you have to be to read that story on our website and not see "COLORADO'S BEST COUNTRY" at the top or our Rocky Mountain backdrop. I sent good old PZ an email but still have not received a response. If I do, I will let you know how it went.

Thanks PZ