It is the theme to every romantic comedy, buddy movie or story about a couple...a misunderstanding pulls them apart for a portion of the movie. You can see it coming every time. The couple meet and have a great time together building a relationship and then some kind of chaos happens and they split or fight and then get back together at the end. The key component in the temporary breakup is always a lack of communication.

You always have the scene where someone is seen doing something that the other person interprets as something other than what it was and then they split. You watch, thinking if they would just talk to each other it could all be easily explained. We do the same thing in our lives all time. I know I have misinterpreted things and gone through unneeded stress when just a phone call or a face to face would clear everything up.

Do you have something that is weighing on your mind? Maybe you think someone said something about you or wonder why someone is mad at you? Call them or go talk to them. Everything can be settled  by asking what you actually want to know. I have reached the point in my life where I have no time to leave things to interpretation. If you really want to know something clearly ask the question. Don't sit and wonder if someone is thinking this or that, ask them. One of the keys to happiness is clearly expressing yourself in regards to what you want and what you want to know. Clear communication clears up so many of life's mysteries. It makes a good movie but a crappy way to go through life.