What do a grandfather and a grandson do when they are left alone for the afternoon? We set up a battlefield of course! Since it was just Zander and I yesterday we decided to get his big jar of army men and set them all up. We had a plan of attack. All police men on one side and all army men on the other with cowboys, Indians, firemen and zoo animals in between. The hardest part was keeping Zander from getting excited and bumping the bench they were on and toppling the whole lot. He only did that 4 or 5 times and we would have to start all over and put them back up. I called these little tremors "Zanderquakes".

If you look closely you will see the big ape is charging the police. Zander had recently seen "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" with me and thought the monkey should be after the police. I had a blast just playing and using my imagination like a child. Before I knew it 2 hours had passed. We had a great day. I can say that the army men were the winners of the battle but we did lose 4 good men to an unexpected Pug ambush when we weren't

Brian Gary, TSM

looking. We will never forget the sacrifice those 4 brave plastic dudes made for our victory. A big thank you to the officer who took down the aggressive ape that was charging too. It had to be done. The battle will continue today. I will keep you all posted. God Bless America.