When I was a kid all I wanted was to become a pro football player. I dreamed that I would be on the field on Super Bowl Sunday winning the championship and creating chaos all over the field. I was a proud member of the Mandan High School football team in Mandan, North Dakota. I was a Mandan Brave and wanted nothing more than to one day be drafted by the Minnesota Vikings and have a Hall of Fame career.

I also wanted to be regular cast member on Saturday Night Live. I also wanted to sing like Elvis and be a big music star and wanted to take over for Johnny Carson when he decided to call it quits.

Well I never made the NFL or got on SNL or got my own late night talk show but I did kind of get to do what I always dreamed. I am on the radio playing great music that I can sing along too like Elvis. I am doing comedy every morning and get to do an SNL type show with our Habajeeba show every year and get to interview stars on my show. I guess you could say that aside from the NFL career, all my dreams have come true. I am a lucky man. Find you passion in life and go after it. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't. Do something you love to do for a living and you will be a happy person. I am living proof that dreams do come true. I still have some college eligibility left so look out NFL I may still make that one come true too. I could be one heck of a holder for extra points.