Of all the events I put on and a part of, this is one of the funnest. Not sure why, but it is. Heat that would make Satan cry, hot motors and sweaty bodies.  I'm in!

This years 4th of July parade falls on a Friday and it doesn't get any better than that my friends. Well, I guess it does when it falls on a Monday, but hey, Friday works!

Here is my question to everyone who rides a motorcycle and has ever done a Sleigh Riders event. Do you want to ride again this year in the country's largest 4th of July parade or are you out?  For anyone in our entry, we will again provide breakfast, coffee and juice for our participants and as always, plenty of cool water for all our riders.

Please take a moment and cast your vote and if we have enough entries by weeks end, we'll submit our parade application. Please make sure you share this story with anyone who you might think would like to ride with us so they can cast their vote as well.

You know what my vote is!  We have been a crowd favorite every year and I know many of us would like to see this as our biggest showing ever for a parade...100 bikes!