Ten breweries.

36 different beers.

6-in-a-row to make a “Bingo“- and win a free shirt.

Let’s do this!

Get the details on American Craft Beers Week and Northern Colorado’s Brewery Bingo- inside!

This week (May 14-20) is American Craft Beer Week; and with that, several breweries across Northern Colorado are giving you the chance to enjoy their beers while playing a little game known as Craft Beer Bingo! The gang at Grimm Brothers in association with the American Brewers Association are the ones behind the game!

Top play, you stop in to any of the participating breweries, pick up a Bingo sheet (there are 10 different ones-keep that in mind) and then consume the selected beers on that sheet.  In THIS game of Bingo, you need to have SIX in row as opposed to five.

36 different beers by the ten breweries.  When you get a Bingo-and you CAN get more than one- you turn it in for a free shirt!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the great weather we’ve been having: Beer and Bingo.

I did get started on Monday at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in Loveland, with the Belgian Wit. It’s very good. Five to go!

My plan for “Bingo” is:

That’s MY grid though- the path YOU take to get six in a row- is up to you!

The other four breweries playing Brewery Bingo are:

Big Beaver in Loveland

Crabtree in Greeley

New Belgium in Fort Collins

Odell in Fort Collins

No dobbers needed, so get out and enjoy the great beer that Northern Colorado has to offer and get Bingo!