I admit that I have a love hate relationship with computers. I am in the age group that just missed out on computer education. When I was in my senior year of high school computers were first getting into the mainstream. The classes behind me all had computer training in school and mine was the last generation that missed it. Trying to get caught up in it can be overwhelming and intimidating but I have found something that has helped me greatly and may help you too if you are as out of the loop as I am. 

I barley know the basics of computers. I can send an e-mail but when it comes to creating a document or something like that, I am as out of place as Susan is in a kitchen. Not knowing the the basics of computers these days is the equivalent of not being able to read. I have fought it for years and faked my way through but if I want to move ahead or just survive in today's world I needed to learn more. Where do you start to learn when everyone in the world is way ahead of you? Get a book written for people just like me.

I was thrilled to open my mail and find the book "Is This Thing On: A Computer Handbook For Late Bloomers, Technophobes & The Kicking and Screaming". This book is written in terms even I can understand. If you are like me and way out of the game, there is still hope. Get a copy of this book, hold my hand and we will get there together.