The world is full of givers and takers. I believe we all fall into each of these categories on and off in our lives but spend more time as one than the other. I have needed to take now and then but find so much joy in being a giver. Don't you find great satisfaction in knowing that you have done something to make someone feel good? We know how good it feels to have something good done to us and knowing you are giving someone else that feeling is just priceless. 

I was watching the show "Undercover Boss" and it really hit me then. At the end of the show each week the boss who was undercover generally does something really nice for unsuspecting employees. When you watch this happen, the reaction you have determines whether you are a giver or a taker. If you watch and think "I sure wish someone would do that for me" you lean more towards the taker. If you watch and think "I sure wish I could do that for someone", you lean more towards the giver. I totally understand each reaction and maybe having a little of both feelings is normal. I just know that if I were to win the lottery I would be making a lot of people happy because I love to give. I can make myself happy any time but we need to take advantage of the opportunities to make others lives happier. Take the time today to spread a smile, spread some cash, spread some joy, spread yourself to where you can make the most difference. We need some givers today.