Architects from Denver-based Populous, who have been hired to design and build the new on-campus stadium at Colorado State University, offered the details of the plan to CSU boosters in Denver and Fort Collins this week, and then made the presentation public on Thursday. Populous is offering plans for a 42,000-seat venue a block north of Prospect Road, flanked by new parking garages, student housing and an alumni center.

The plan calls for highlighting the university’s Plant Environmental Research Center, which would be adjacent to the new stadium.

Specifically, the plan by Populous highlights:

• A north-south oriented stadium immediately west of Whitcomb Street between Lake and Pitkin Streets.

• A new university gateway entrance at Whitcomb Street and Lake Street.

• An alumni center immediately to the west of the Gifford Building.

• A new parking garage on Pitkin Street north of the Plant Environmental Research Center site and west of the stadium

• A new parking garage on the west side of the Aggie Village apartments, which are already slated to be knocked down and replaced with higher-density housing.

May 30th is the next date for the CSU Stadium Advisory Committee to meet, and Populous plans to formally present its recommendations to university President Tony Frank at that time.