Firefighters that have to deal with fires in Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests will have a new tool this year. The U.S. Forest Service said there will be a type 3 firefighting helicopter available, exclusively to them, from mid-June until mid-September.According to the Coloradoan, the news came from a USFS news release.

The Type 3 firefighting helicopter, which is smaller than Type 1 tankers and can fly about 500 feet from the ground, will be available for the forests’ exclusive use from mid-June until mid-September...Type 3 helicopters can carry up to 100 gallons of water and have 4-8 passenger

With the severe outbreak of wildfires over the past couple of years, I'm sure this will be a welcome tool to help firefighters do what they need to do.

One of the reasons this chopper was approved was because last year's flooding damaged 232 roads throughout the forest areas. No road means no firetruck, hence the need for an accessible helicopter.