Ever wonder why some aquatic life breathe air or how cream cheese is made? Whether its a serious question of just one out of curiosity, you wanna know. So I decided to have a little fun and answer some curious questions.

The following questions/answers are from the most asked questions on a popular website.


  1. Who invented the shopping bag?
  2. Are carrots really good for your eyes?
  3. What does break bread mean?
  4. How many people speak polish as their native language?
  5. What is the best online dating service?
  6. What is a good birthday party idea?
  7. Is it legal for an 18 year old to date a 16 year old?
  8. How does water get hard?
  9. What makes a Flamingo pink?
  10. How do you apply red lipstick?


  1. Francis Wolle: patented first in United States, then France and England
  2. No, but they are a great source of vitamin A
  3. The phrase dates back to biblical times and simply means to eat and drink together.
  4. About 44 million
  5. Number one rated dating site is Zoosk.
  6. So many directions to go with this, but the best bet is a themed party.
  7. Age of consent in Colorado is 17, but parental permission is required for dating. (this is a grey area and should be approached cautiously)
  8. The answer takes us back to high school science with talk of magnesium and chloride -when their concentrations are high you get hard water.
  9. Pretty simple here, the classic you are what you eat. Flamingos eat a lot of shrimp and colored algae-just like too many carrots will turn you orange, these foods give the Flamingos their unique pinkness.
  10. It's a process! Follow this link. :P

So there you have it... crazy questions and crazy answers, its a circus out there! What questions rattle your brain?