This morning the headlines out of New York sicken me and I want the hate to end, are you with me?

Reportedly a man fired from his job near the Empire State Building opened fire and killed an ex-coworker. As many as 9 people were injured in the incident.

53 year old Jeffery Johnson was fired from his job last year as a a women's accessories designer at Hazan Import Corp. Johnson opened fire on police responding to the shooting and was killed.

At some point the madness has to end... we have to learn to take accountability for our own actions, to live with fear and to find a way to live without regrets. Life is muddled, there is no doubt in my mind. Thing's happen that shouldn't, people hurt you that you once trusted and you get the short stick more often than you should.

We need to build that bridge of love and accept each other more completely. Being upset, revengeful and angry won't change what has happened. It won't bring loved ones back and it won't get our jobs back... filling our souls with darkness only will create darkness.

It's time to look for the butterflies in life and hang on tight. There has never been a promise of smooth and easy life... spiritually, religiously or just regular old life... no where does it say this will be easy. Our lives are bumpy roads, so enjoy the good, cherish the special and brush off the bad. Brushing off the bad isn't easy I know, I have had my share, but it always comes back to perception... what we see from what has happened and how we choose to feel will dictate how the rest of the ride goes.

Hold on tight to you... breathe and know that thing's will always be good and things will always be bad... there will be understanding and confusion, but through it all we each can relate and are here for one another. And just when you think that you are alone, be sure to pay close attention to those around you, you'd be amazed at what is waiting for you.