Slip Sliding away was a good song, but it really doesn't work well in the shower.

I know not washing the bottoms of my feet may make you look at me weird next time you see me, but hey, there's soap at the bottom of the shower from other parts, right? My feet get clean and don't smell, right? :)

I've recently learned that the bathroom is the most dangerous place in the house... I thought maybe the kitchen, but no, the bathroom.  Okay, pop quiz, why do you think the bathroom is dangerous? Yes, I kind of gave it away in my title-call that your hint. Nope, not germs... it's the slipping and sliding on a wet floor or tub bottom. In fact, falling is a leader in senior deaths.

The CDC reports that non fatal accidents are quite high as well. Emergency rooms across the country see over 200,000 patients from 15 and older after sustaining an injury after falling in the shower or on a wet bathroom floor. They even say that of those treated about 14% are hospitalized. That's insane...

Do you wash you feet? I mean the bottoms of your feet. Once in awhile I'll feel like I should, as if they aren't getting clean somehow, so I wash them and I lose my balance every time. I vow for myself and challenge you not to wash the bottoms of your feet. I want you safe and really who is looking at your feet especially in the cooler weather and they don't stink, really.

Not that this is not disturbing enough, but did you know that most of the accidents with the elderly are near the toilet? Yep, getting on or off-it's dangerous stuff that we never think about-well, I guess hotels and hospitals have thought about it as there is usually a phone next to the toilet-always wondered about that?!

So safety before cleanliness, deal? I am on a crusade to save you from all bathroom accidents, let's cut those numbers down.