Yes. Your eyes aren't going bad. Those are board games. I am not here to talk about stocks, bonds or portfolios. I would like to discuss the time we invest in one of our most important and most overlooked resources. Our children.

I am a father of three daughters and I love them beyond life itself and even though I try my hardest, I know from time to time they can get a little lost in the shuffle. In my effort to get the biggest paycheck I can, I sometimes leave no time for anyone else, especially my kids. There are times I'm out the door before they wake up for school and am back after they've gone to bed. And that my friends started to leave a hole in my soul.

So my daughters and I spent a little time going to garage sales, which we do more often in the warmer months. While out, we came across these games for $2 a piece. My two oldest daughters' faces lit up and I knew then I HAD to get them. Last night while playing the Game of Life, I took a second to take in what was happening before me. Memories were being created right before my eyes and I started to get a little misty eyed. My oldest daughter asked me why I was sad. I said "I'm not." She then replied with "You shouldn't be sad, you're winning!" She was right. I was. It's unimaginable at what an $8 investment gave me in return.

If you're kids are anything like mine, they don't ask for a lot. Mine are just about as humble as children can be at their ages (10, 8, & 3). The biggest thing they crave from me is my time and attention. The biggest proof is in the fact you can ALWAYS hear a child say "Watch me Mommy!", "Watch this!" or "Watch what I can do Daddy!". All it takes sometimes is just a turn of the head and a little focus on them to make their day. Plus, if we don't show our children our attention today, they will seek attention elsewhere later in life. I don't want that for my daughters. That's why I plan to get more return out of my $8 investment than Wall Street could give me with all of the money in the world. What are you investing in?