Myself, along with Mike Neuerberg and Roger Schmidt spent the day down in Golden this past Saturday helping put together care packages for our deployed troops.

I can't even begin to tell you how satisfying this past Saturday was as we spent it with friends from American Military Family. Mike, Roger and myself were all loaded up with a ton of goodies, we can pack three bikes like no one else, and headed for Golden.

Talk about blown away. There were there a ton of people on hand but the Three Amigo's represented Northern Colorado admirably.  Items were laid on tables from A-Z and each person on hand was given a box and a list.  It was then up to us to go fill that box and drop it at the tape table.  If we had more boxes, AMF would have sent more but 160 was the final count!

160 boxes chalk full of creature comforts from home.  I personally took a load of chapstick, protein bars, energy bars, sunflower seeds, starburst and who doesn't like to step into a Slim Jim once in awhile.

Here is where I get real excited.  Talk was started about AMF doing one of these "Care Package" parties up here in Northern Colorado for 2014.  You can count me in of course and when the time counts, I hope to be able to count on you as well.