Humanitarian Aaron Jackson may be my new hero.  Even though I admit to being a bit jealous for wanting to do this almost 2 years ago and not getting it done, I am very glad Aaron and his group are going to make a HUGE impact on the Weburro Baptist Cult in Topeka Kansas. 

Aaron Jackson is a founding partner of Planting PeacePlanting Peace is a charity that has done some fantastic things over the years including helping orphanages and some other worthwhile ventures.

Jackson bought the house located across from the church about six months ago.  If you are a member of Journey 4 Justice chances are likely you may have used this driveway on one of our missions.  (The previous owner was a big fan of J4J.)

So today, Aaron Jackson and a few volunteers painted it the colors of the gay pride flag and proudly displayed their U.S. Flag high above the home.  I seriously can't wait to get there next month.

Colorado 1 and Journey 4 Justice team members from across the country will again converge on Topeka the weekend of April 12-14.

Editor's Note:  I have been asked why I have not said anything about this today.  When I woke up and checked my news, I saw two things:  7 Marines who were killed last night and the wbc story.  I always check what is being posted and this morning I saw multiple feeds on this house and not one post on the tragedy in Nevada so I chose to "ignore" the wbc and went with honoring the fallen Marines.