Last year I had one of the most life changing events of my life. I went on a motorcycle journey to Topeka to wave my American flag in the faces of the vile barely humans who make up the hated Westburro Baptist Cult. These are most hideous people on the face of the earth and nothing has ever given me more pride than to stand up for my country, those who have fought to defend and those whose lifestyles are attacked by this group of hate.

Brian Gary, TSM

I will once again ride out with our own "Hogfather" Charley Barnes for his birthday ride which will bring us to the doorsteps of hell. Charley started this whole thing with his original ride a couple years ago. I can't wait. Every citizen of this country has a voice and the ability to make a stand. We are, and you can too. Get in your car, truck, motorcycle or plane and join us. April 12-14 we will be making our voices, legally and loudly heard. God bless America and all who have and do defend it. I am ready to stand with you brothers and sisters. Please read my series on the trip last year. It was an epic adventure and you can read the five part series below.