A couple of buddies that have enjoyed an All You Can Eat Mongolian Grill restaurant called Gobi Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant in Brighton's trendy Lanes got on the last nerve of the business owner and have been banned from the restaurant for life.

spine, flickr


According to the daily mail, the two men have been going to the same restaurant for a couple of years and were finally kicked out for good.

The owner has watched the two fill up their bowls as many as five times. He told the men that they were eating him out of business. The men claim that the bowls are small and they can't get full with just one bowl. TripAdvisor reviewers say that they bowls are the perfect size to try different variations.

The 26 and 27 year old men initially thought that the owner was joking, guess the joke is on them. The owner says they didn't give other patrons a chance and are now banned.

The restaurant charges 12 pounds per person and assures future meal seekers that you can eat as much as you want.