I grew up with a roll of quarters in my pocket. I always had some change with me in case I found a jukebox. I was always drawn to the lights on that music machine and would put in endless amounts of change picking all my favorites. While other kids were gathered around the Tetris machine I was finding my jams on the jukebox.

There have been quite a few country songs about our love of the jukebox through the years but Alan Jackson may have the most famous one. His big smash "Don't Rock the Jukebox" began a three week stay on top of the charts on this date in 1991. This would become one of his many signature songs. To celebrate the occasion I picked a few of my favorite tunes about that music maker. I have several you will remember, a couple you may not know and the biggest cheesy jukebox song ever from Olivia Newton-John from the 70's.