The year was 1985 and I hit the radio airwaves in Tioga, North Dakota. It was a little country station in a little pink house (true story). I had been raised with the likes of Alabama, Dolly Parton, Barbara Mandrell and Crystal Gayle; now I was living the dream and actually on the radio playing these and other favorites including Earl Thomas Conley, Conway Twitty and George Strait. But Alabama really takes me back to where it all began.


Alabama was all over the airwaves and were giving us a great songs, especially for my first full time real gig in the big girl world: (the number one song in 1985 and the start of my great and long career in radio)


This song was and is classic and speaks to the heart of many Americans. Alabama is one of the great back bones of America. They spread pride and honor, they get the American worker.


Bring the memories back to the forefront, live the dream and see them perform live this Sunday at the Budweiser Events Center beginning at 7pm.