I am no different than anyone else! The tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut broke my heart. I can't even watch the TV coverage without crying. Seriously, what's wrong with people? The massacre did not change my stance on gun control. I am against it. I don't think more laws would make us any safer. Gun control laws only keep guns away from law abiding citizens.  The criminals don't care about the laws. They would get guns no matter what.

Very recently Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith Shared his thoughts about the tragedy and gun control on The Larimer County Sheriff Facebook page and he told me it was alright if I shared those thoughts on the K99 website. It's a very thoughtful post. I agree with the Sheriff  100%.

I've faced criminals and led peace officers for 25 years. I've witnessed more violence than I care to recall and seen people do horrendous and unspeakable things to their fellow man and all too often to their own children. With all those experiences in mind, I have to issue this warning. More gun control laws will not make us safer. In fact, I believe such a diversion of our attention will actually make us less safe.

Instead, we need to focus on demonstrating, teaching and demanding a respect for human life. All too often popular culture devalues our duties and bonds to our fellow man and replaces those principals with a me-centered sense of reality, one in which children are taught that rape, torture and killing are games- acts with no real consequences.

As a country, we must return to teaching strong values to our children. We must set an expectation that they demonstrate respect to their fellow man. And for those who refuse to honor this solemn obligation, we must exercise better, more effective criminal control. The innocent children murdered in Connecticut deserved this kind of protection.