Addictions come in all sizes, some are all consuming and others are just annoying little pests.

I mean this to only be light as I would never play fun with serious addictions that ruin families and souls.

I'm talking about the silly stuff. I am addicted to Scrabble, I can't get enough of it. If allowed, I could play Scrabble for a living, well I am not that good so I would starve, but I'd have fun. I never knew that I had an addictive personality. I would do things and stop doing things, but by the layman definition(s) I would make me an addict. My addictions are purely abnormal physiological dependencies and are case sensitive.

My impulses come in spurts. I have been known to consume a bag of gummy bears a day for a week and then not touch them for a year. I can consume a sleeve of saltines in a day and not even think about them for over a week (obviously a bit more attached to saltines than gummy bears)  Soda/pop is the same story, I go months and even years without drinking it then one day all I want is a Coke Zero and the next day and the next. Coffee is likely my biggest ongoing, daily addiction, but I think that is for another blog. Oh, one addiction that I just avoid as it will snowball into an ongoing coffee type addiction is cheese puffs, I know, gross right? I can't help myself and an open bag is a gone bag. :)

In the summer time I get on sunflower seed kicks and hey is that a honeydew melon-wow! I do get on kicks of good for me things too like salads, apples, cooked celery (I need help, I know) and bananas.

When it comes to tv, I spent a year addicted to the Food Network, had to get rid of cable. That's not true, but it made me laugh. I am addicted to going to the movies. I love movies, the popcorn the coca-cola Slurpee, the whole nine yards.

What are your silly addictions? Hit the comment section at the bottom of the page and let me know what you like, A LOT!