Acne is the most common skin problem among teenagers. Seventy-five percent of teens from age 13 to 18 are affected, at least occasionally, by acne. Acne starts when excess oil and dead skin cells clog up the pores. In most cases, acne is triggered by a hormone imbalance, genes, stress, and a skin care regimen that’s usually not consistent.

The providers at Allura understand that acne can be very depressing for teens, but the treatments and products we offer can help heal acne and improve your self-esteem.

Depending on your stage or severity of acne, they can offer acne facials, extractions, or microderms. Active acne can also be treated with FotoFacial, an intense pulse light that calms the redness of pimples and kills the p.acnes bacteria that is responsible for pimples. Fraxel is an excellent treatment if you have scarring. Often times, a combination of treatments can work best. Let our aestheticians, nurses, or Dr. de la Torre help determine which treatment and products will work best to improve your skin condition.