It might surprise you to find out what the most stolen item is this Christmas according to a Texas Christmas decoration store. It is the baby Jesus himself. There has been a steady stream of baby Jesus thefts throughout the years according to the store owners in a story done by 9 News KUSA in Denver. It made me feel a little better about my Savior stealing feline Karai. I wrote a piece last year about my cat and her odd habit of always taking our baby Jesus and hiding him. It is the season of giving and for us, searching for Jesus.

What do you do about a cat that keeps stealing Jesus? We are getting ready for Christmas in our house and my wife has this nativity scene that belonged to her mother that we love to set up each year. There is a problem though with our cat Karai. She keeps stealing the baby Jesus.

Last night Kyla was setting up the stable and Karai kept climbing inside while she was trying to set up the bales of straw and the animals. She started by nibbling the head of one of the wise men and then began eating a camel’s hump. We were able to distract her with a bit of yarn while my wife finished putting all the proper people and critters in their places.

Later in the evening, I was down the hall when I heard my wife hollering the words “leave baby Jesus alone” and couldn’t quit giggling. I came out to the living room to find baby Jesus had been dumped from the manger and onto the carpet. Seeing your cat nibbling on the head of the son of God is not something you expect to see and have to just laugh. We used to have the tradition of our dog peeing on our live Christmas tree as soon as we put it up and now we get to have the annual stealing of the Christ child. Merry Christmas to you and all of your critters.