I say it myself, I know that you've at least heard it... it's just a made up card, candy and flower "holiday", but is there any truth behind what women are saying?


Through the end of time we have professed undying love to one, two or three people (at least) in our lifetimes. And occasionally we meet the one that makes those words mean something more than what they've ever meant before. So we go along being happy and dreamy in love until Valentines Day.

When a woman says that she doesn't want flowers (they're too expensive), she doesn't want chocolates (too fattening) or she doesn't want a card (they're too commercial) she is telling a half truth. If you are loving each other correctly everyday, a commercial day of love shouldn't matter, she knows and believes this-for the most part.

Women at the office, who may not get loved the way you do get flowers sent to work and brag about expensive dinners out and rose petals. Now, a loved, truly loved woman doesn't need this kind of exuberant display of love, because everyday she feels it-she knows that she is loved, but..... Yes, there is a but! She WOULD like a card, a single chocolate maybe even a rose-nothing fancy because she does appreciate what you have everyday more than this one day a year, even still... Call it the little girl in us all.

If you didn't get your woman a "something" don't be mad if she seemed mad, she just thought, that just maybe, even the smallest of things would show up-even a waffle maker would have been better than being the only girl at the office that didn't get a "something"