Whoever said a woman’s place is in the kitchen has never met the women in my life. First off there is Susan. Susan is much more handy in the barn than in the kitchen. Give her a pitch fork and she is in her element. Give her a spatula and she breaks into a cold sweat. In fact there are pictures of her with a line through it beside most kitchen appliances. Bless her heart.

My wife Kyla and daughter Vanessa are probably the handiest women I know. I lose my guy card on a daily basis. When I see a box that says “some assembly required”, I know that is code for “wait till your wife to get home to do this”. I have a serious problem reading directions and following them. My mind can’t grasp it. I am good at digging a hole and hauling stuff where it needs to go but I am not good at the figuring. I also have very little patience and just start nailing stuff together.

I have learned it is best that I just go in the house and make a pan of bars when the girls are out in the yard working. I am more at home with a mixer than a skill saw. I will turn in my guy card and whip up a pan of lemon squares for the “turning in the card” ceremony. By the way, I made the dessert to the right!

Check out what my ladies made this weekend. They put together my grandson Zander’s new swing set. I did the man part of digging the trench to level it and drove the spikes in to secure it but everything else was done by the girls. I think I will hire them out. Anyone looking for Two Girls and a Hammer Handygirl Services? What kind of cookies should I make for the grand opening?