Today is National Father-in-Law Day. I know there are a lot of people who love their in-laws and others who don't see eye to eye. I have always had an interesting relationship with my father-in-law. I grew up in a lovey huggy kind of home. My parents were always very open with their affection. My father-in-law grew up in a different time and environment and isn't as open with his emotions. I know he didn't think a lot of me at first and I cannot blame him. I was not what a father dreams their little girl ends up with. I have come a long way but at the time he had every reason to doubt me. I was taking his baby girl away and had no real plan.

Nick, my father-in-law, has worked his tail off his whole life to provide for his family. He served our country and fought in the Korean War. He worked on the railroad for decades and when he would get home he could get called right back out to action because he was also a firefighter. He has given so much and has every right to disagree with the way some of us do things. He has seen a lot in his years and still has a very sweet heart beating in that chest. I see him with my kids and how he lights up when he gets to spend time with them. I have gained so much more respect for Nick as I grow older and appreciate all he has done with his life. The coolest thing happened when I went back home over the 4th of July. We took him out to lunch and as we dropped him off he turned to me and said "I love you guys". I was very moved as I received a hug which I don't believe I had ever gotten before. It made my day. Happy Father-in-Law Day Nick. You are a great man and thank you for your daughter.