One of the big perks of working for a radio station is getting to see things behind the scenes of country music that people never get to lay eyes on, so we thought we'd take you with us! It was a pleasure to have our friend Ronnie Dunn in town at the Budweiser Events Center but getting to meet and talk with him on his tour bus was really something special. Ronnie has a great since of humor and is just plain down to earth country loving cowboy.

His bus is quite immaculate with a very prominent Brooks & Dunn logo etched in the floor from the days when the duo toured the country. I wouldn't have expected much less though considering how much time is spent traveling on a bus. Ronnie told us that the bus was actually Kix Brooks' which he now personally uses and parks at his house. Take a look inside the bus in the gallery below:

Brian & Todd got the chance to sit down and talk with Ronnie while we were on the bus, which we took video of and will be available on soon as well!