Every business has that one person that everyone turns to when there is a crisis. That one person who happens to know how to do everything, fix anything and the willingness to do it. They are usually the unheralded person on the staff that most take for granted but always turn to when there is a fire. Dave Jensen is that person at K99.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dave for nearly a couple of decades now and appreciate his talents more every day. Dave has worked about every on air shift at the station and does endless work for all of the other stations in our cluster as well. When it comes to the 28 Hours of Hope and all the other things we pull off here at the radio station, none of it would happen without Dave. He is one of most talented people I know and also one of the funniest. I work with some great folks here at the radio station. Todd and Susan are my best friends and I get to do a show with them too. Charley Barnes is a true patriot who I am honored to call my brother and D is an inspiration to so many but I must say without Dave Jensen K99 would not have survived the last couple of years. I know Dave does it for the love of radio...and a little beer money. If you see Dave out at the Stampede, buy him a cold one.