You can’t escape it, even if you don’t watch the news or read the newspaper, you are constantly reminded of the bad and the sad in the world. Many times we let it roll over as if nothing happened, but behind everything we see or hear in the news is a story, a life, and people who are hurting. This morning I awoke to find out an old friend from high school had passed in an accident. Sometimes it takes something like that to remind you how precious life really is.

It is truly impossible to stay in touch with everyone you have ever had relationships in your lifetime. People move, change, and quite frankly life is busy. You cant beat yourself up for every person you have lost touch with. But human nature gets the better of you at times. Makes you ask yourself why didn’t I think to call or even reach out on Facebook to someone who is now gone. Unfortunately, you can ask yourself questions like this all day, you can beat yourself up forever, but there is one thing that you can’t change and that is what has happened. So here I am reminding you that sometimes it is OK to sit down and think — Is there something I will regret not doing if I am unable to do it tomorrow?

Chances are you can have that chat with yourself, and there still will come a time when you find yourself kicking yourself for something you didn’t do. In that case the best advise I can give is to love everyone, and live your life to the fullest. “When you were born, everyone else was smiling and you were crying. Live so that when you die, everyone else is crying and you are smiling.”

Sometimes those tears come too soon…

Although we were never “good” friends, since I knew him I always called Tyler Roggy my friend. I am sure most who knew him called him friend because he did the two simple things I just explained, and he did them as well as anyone I have ever known. Tyler passed in an accident yesterday. As I see all the things people are saying about him on Facebook this morning I am convinced he touched everyone he came in contact with.

Even if you didn’t know him, do me a favor and say a little prayer for my buddy Tyler and his family today, and remember…  Love everyone, and live your life to the fullest everyday like Tyler did!

R.I.P my friend…