Most parents,, I would think, find their offspring joining the military a very noble thing and a step in the right direction when preparing your future.  But what if three of your four kids wanted to join at the same time?

Nederland Texas brothers Noah, Sumner and Cole Ogrydziak (oh-GREE'-zee-ack) have more in common than just blood although their blood is ripe with military history.

For the first time since 1981, West Point accepted three siblings into the same class.  Cole and Sumner are 18 year old twins and and 19 year old Noah already spent a year in a military prep school and will all be graduating together in 2017 as second lieutenants; if they can all muster the strength and will to make it through a rigorous four years.

The brothers gained entry into the historic military academy by presidential appointments reserved for kids of career military personnel. Their father, Coast Guard Capt. Randal Ogrydziak, is a deputy sector commander and Mom Kristine, served in the Coast Guard for 10 years as well and even both grandfathers served.

Even though the family will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in education costs, like any West Point graduate, all three are obligated to serve in the Army after graduation.  The oldest brother will stay at home and pursue a degree in chemical engineering.

Good luck to the Ogrydziak's, a family rich in military history.