I have just spent the last twenty minutes entertaining myself with the latest news that Google news  had to offer. I must admit that I got frustrated at the news in Libya, was slightly interested in space shuttle  Discovery, scowled at the screen when I read about jobs being cut in northern Colorado and then wrapped my brain around Charlie Sheen, What?I'll admit, its hard to run from Charlie Sheen these days. Every interviewer is interviewing him. I have read a hundred if not more headlines and notations questioning what happened to Sheen and how did he get so out of hand. Well, if you look a column up and over you see the sad news about Mike Starr. Starr is the latest casualty of fame. He was found dead in a hotel room in Salt Lake City, I believe. He was a rocker, the former bassist for Alice in Chains. If you just looked crossed eyed at your screen and said, who? You aren't alone. Needless to say, my point isn't about a rocker you may or may not know and remember, it is a sad day and my thoughts go out to those who did know him. My thoughts primarily go back to people like Starr, like Sheen and the rambling mind of mine wraps around the problem and the solution all in the same 20 minutes.

We have complained for years that television and movie stars are paid too much. We have all looked at the yearly salaries of our favorite athletes and wondered when the gross imbalance began. Yet we seriously sit back and question why and how, when one of them falls. Whether they die, act out violently, become addicts or seem to just fall off their rocker. I can appreciate the wonderment, but when this has been an increasing problem for years, when do we stop the madness and realize that we can be just as much the problem as the solution. Now the dramatic way, if you're asking how, is to stop going to movies, concert and sporting events. Yes, I do realize that is a pipe dream and we will have better luck getting our children to eat brussel sprouts than changing the masses entertainment habits. So really, I don't have a solution. My mental rambling has merely brought the issue to the forefront, now maybe if we keep bringing it to the forefront and work together, we may come to a solution.

Money might bring happiness and then again it might not. It seems that excessive money for actors, musicians and sports stars has only created monsters spinning out of control. I guarantee you this, if you take away their money, they will become at least slightly more tame than they are today.

Now that I have that off my chest I can go back to clogging up my brain with the possibility of 5 dollar gasoline this summer!