As a police officer, I'd assume you have to be ready for just about anything, but I am also quite certain that most cops don't plan to chase a criminal in a river. That happened in Greeley today (June 27). 

A trooper was making what was thought to be a normal traffic stop for a vehicle that ran a stop sign, but instead a short pursuit ensued followed by the man fleeing his car and then jumping into the Poudre River.

The trooper didn't have is canoe or his swim trunks, so so instead of swimming after the criminal, he ordered him to exit the water. When that didn't work the fugitive was removed.

25-year-old, Taran Lee, is in custody after the incident on 8th Street near the U.S. 85 interchange. He was found to be a habitual traffic offender driving without a license and also has a warrant for his arrest out of Brighton related to two charges of giving false information to a pawn broker, class-6 felonies. He now also faces a charge of felony alluding in connection with today's incident.