I was not going to comment on it but I feel I must. The decision by the District 6 schools in Greeley to make a young man change his shirt because he was wearing a Peyton Manning jersey with the number 18 on it is just insane.  We will let you weigh in by taking our poll. 

The thought is that there is a gang affiliation to the number 18. I really don't think an elementary student is sporting his gang affiliation. He is wearing a jersey of his favorite player. If we really want to combat gangs take the number away from them and don't let them have it. Once you tell everyone they can't wear the number because a gang does, you have given them the number. Have all the kids wear an 18 jersey, then it belongs to everyone.

I hate gangs with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns and don't want them to have any victories. I would love to have the police release a list of all gang members and let us know who they are. They should all have to wear a scarlet letter so we know them and can give them a dose of our disdain. I want to go Charles Bronson all over the gang community. Have pride in who you are not what you belong to. When we quit doing things we want to do, like wearing a football jersey, we let them win. I know the school district is trying to do what is best but I think this is quite ridiculous.