I wrote awhile back about everyone needing a "safe place". We all need a place in our homes or somewhere where we can just let it all go and relax. Many guys use the garage as the place to get away and make it a man cave. I had one years ago in my basement but had to give it up when my daughter and grandson moved in. Last week we did some rearranging in the home and made me a new man cave. My wife and daughter did most of the work. I call mine "The Hive".

I will give you a little tour of my hideout. I still have some work to do. There is some more bracing to be done and some more artwork and award to go up but this is what I have now and I love it. I have one wall full of awards and gold records.

I have my Minnesota Viking wall. This is full of everything from my Fran Tarkenton autographed football to my Viking Mr. Potato Head.

Then there is the music wall. This baby will get a couple more braces and still needs all my DVDs added to it but it a big wall of sound. I may never come out of my room again.

Brian Gary, TSM