This afternoon I’ve already gotten a couple calls about people that can see smoke west of Loveland this afternoon. And now the Loveland Reporter-Herald says firefighters are indeed trying to get to an apparent wildfire burning north of Highway 34 near the Big Thompson River.

Seriously, it’s February! I can't remember the last time I remember hearing about fire danger in the middle of winter.

I am getting really, really anxious about the fire danger in 2013. 2012 was bad enough, but if the forecasts hold true we could be in for a even smokier year than last.

The Reporter-Herald says the fire looks to be burning near Alexander Mountain in the canyon. And This one may be call the Alexander Mountain Fire, but I'm not sure who even does the official "naming" of these things.

The Larimer Sheriff tweeted this about an hour ago:

Emergency Services responding to Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch to assist Loveland Fire on reported grass fire.

And by other posts from reporters and emergency crews on twitter it sounds like firefighters are having to hike miles up the canyon to get to the fire and are trying to use ATVs to get through the terrain as well.

Best wishes that they can get this one can get under control quickly and before it does do much damage.

And I think all the firefighters out there deserve a little extra love, doesn't look like they're getting much on an "off-season."

Picture by matthewvenn, Flickr.