Praying isn't for everyone, I know that. I even know that a greater power, such as God, is something that causes more questions than answers for many. I in no way mean to offend anyone and I hope for grace in this area. This Loveland family is close to me and my heart and there isn't anything I can really do, but ask for prayer warriors.

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Out of respect for the family, to whom you may know or have seen if you've ever been to our studios in Windsor, I will not reveal who they are and ask for your patience in that.

They have struggled in the past year with Stomach Cancer and it was believed that it had been championed. Less than two weeks ago, another mass was found and surgery was scheduled for last week. The surgery was cancelled as the mass grew to twice its size in one weeks time. Tests have been done and the news is less than positive.

Not unlike many families this one of a man and woman deeply in love with two beautiful children aged 4 and 11 and have been more than their share of challenges in this life. Cancer has just been another heaviness to carry.

I ask you to stand up an be a warrior for them only if it is something that you're comfortable doing, something that you already do. I can't stress enough that I know praying isn't for everyone, but if it isn't your thing, can I ask for positive thoughts? I am sure that they could benefit from a bit of that too.

This family is currently awaiting news from the doctors regarding their options and next steps in their battle against this devilish killer all they know now is that it has metastasized from the Stomach Cancer.

Few people have been left untouched by Cancer. One in every three women are at risk of cancer and men have a slightly less than one in  two lifetime risk of developing cancer. Whether you have personally fought this disease and won or know someone who has lost the battle, this is a time to unite, not just for this Loveland family, but for all families in the same position.

Thank you!