It seems as though everyone is trying to capitalize on Colorado's legal use of Marijuana. Along comes a friend of mine in Fort Collins that came up with a brilliant idea!

A friend of mine who actually lives in LaPorte, has been doing pottery for years and last year opened Relative Pottery to showcase her wares.

With the legal use of Marijuana now allowed in Colorado there are many who are using it to their benefit and I think it's awesome. To take an idea and make it your own and use the system to your advantage is a work of art all in itself.

Aunt Janis is an entrepreneur and has come up with a novel idea to not only put her talent to good use but to make a novelty item that will surely be sought after.

You can actually buy them in three different versions:

  • A little pot from Colorado
  • A little pot from Washington
  • A little pot for your birthday

All the pots are of course handmade by Aunt Janis herself and only cost $6 each (plus shipping) up through August 31. If you would like to order yours, please email Janis at

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